Spending time with your children is never the wrong thing to do, but finding new ways to engage them and give them new experiences can sometimes feel like a chore. Gardening is a great way for you and your kids to enjoy each other’s company, get in touch with nature, and have a good time getting a little dirty.

There are several benefits the kids can gain from gardening and you can make it even more fun by making it a “themed garden.” Your kids will love seeing all the colors of the rainbow as your plants bloom. Or, they will be excited to find their favorite pizza ingredients pop out of the ground.

Here are some reasons why gardening is always good for kids, and as a local daycare in Sherwood Park we care about kids!

Kids Can Use All Five Senses in the Garden

Kids can learn how the dirt feels dry, then wet. They can smell the flowers, feel the vegetables, and find out what it takes to pick the ripe produce right off the vines. And let’s not forget the flavors they can enjoy in their fresh-picked vegetables and berries. While they listen to the crunch between their teeth.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Let’s face it, kids don’t usually like to eat their vegetables. But if they get involved in the planting, growing, and picking process, they will more likely want to eat what they have helped create. Plus, you can try growing some more unusual foods for them to try.

Develop Fine Motor Skills

When children take care of small seeds, work gently with plants and dirt, and pick the fruits and vegetables themselves, they are unwittingly developing and improving their fine motor skills.

A Scientific Classroom in the Backyard

Kids soak up all the information you present to them, and the garden is full of science just waiting to be discovered. They may even ask questions to understand why leaves are green, why they need sunlight, and how they use water.

Kids Just Want to Have Fun

You may think of gardening as work but kids love getting dirty and that in itself can make it fun for you too. You can build lasting memories that your child can look back on later in life as some of the most fun they ever had with you.

Kids Can Learn Responsibility

To maintain a healthy garden, it needs attention. Kids can learn how to care for all the plants regularly, including watering, weeding, and fertilizing. This responsibility can then translate into other aspects of their lives.

Instill Planning and Organization Skills

As not all plants grow at the same times of the year, at the same rate, or even in the same levels of sunlight or shade, gardening takes planning to get the most out of it. You can help them research different plants they might want to try and work with them to organize the garden layout.

Make gardening fun by getting your kids involved. They will enjoy doing with you and they will learn so much from the experience.