We could all benefit from schedules, structure, and routine. But for children, learning to follow a schedule can be even more important. There are so many uncertainties, even for a young life, that can cause fear, anxiety, and apprehension. Children can learn several lessons from change but it can also be stressful. Comfort and stability can be found in maintaining a schedule.

There are other benefits that a schedule can offer to a child (like quality day care services) and all are important for healthy development.

Circadian Rhythm

Daily routines like getting ready for school in the morning, bath times, bedtimes, and mealtimes allow children to get to know and get used to their natural body rhythms. This can make it easier for them to understand when it’s time to do certain things like taking a nap.

Establish a Sense of Importance in Family

In maintaining regular schedules for meals, playtime, and other family activities, children can begin to understand the importance of family values, interests, and beliefs. Sharing important daily events builds a strong bond between children and their families.

Set Expectations

In creating a clear schedule, a child can begin to understand what is expected and when, rather than argue over what comes next. When it’s time to clean up, they will know it and will eventually begin cleaning up on their own.

Reduce Stress

As children become familiar with their schedules, there can be fewer conflicts and less anxiety for everyone in the household. They will know what they are required to do and can do it without argument, and eventually without instruction. This leads to more pleasant feelings as well as a sense of value and inclusion.

Increased Confidence and Independence

In following a schedule, a child will grow to understand when it’s time to perform certain tasks. They can feel a sense of pride in doing these tasks independently, without being told, building confidence that can grow with them. This is very empowering for a child, as it shows them that their actions are valued.

Establish Positive Habits

Not only will consistent times for general activities like brushing teeth before bed or completing schoolwork upon arrival at home instill constructive habits, but they will also lead to better time management and self-discipline as they grow. These lessons learned can then be reflected in all that they do.

Create Excitement About What’s Coming Up

With a clear and easy-to-follow schedule, kids can see what comes next, and especially if it’s something they want to do, they can feel excited about getting through the schedule to reach that special event. It gives children something to look forward to, which engages them in their environment.

Schedules can be used to motivate, excite, or focus a child, which makes them so important to their daily learning and their overall development. A schedule can turn an ordinary day into a stress-free, fun, and forward-looking plan for all children, building confidence and pride.