We all expect life to get back to normal at some point and we are all waiting for that day to come. But the truth is, that day is still some time in the future, so we must continue taking precautions like social distancing, washing hands, and of course, wearing masks to try to avoid the COVID-19 virus.

Mask wearing is not the biggest intrusion on the life of the typical adult, but when it comes to children, it can be quite difficult. Kids will tend to want to remove their masks if you can get their masks on at all. Then there is a matter of colors, designs, and comfort options. It’s a lot to think about, so just how can you pick a facemask for kids that they will want to wear? Here are a few tips that might help from the daycare Sherwood Park loves!

Keep it Interesting for Your Child

Kids can be very fussy about the styles and colors of the things they wear. They tend not to be concerned about or understand the reason behind wearing a mask, as to them it’s all about fun. So why not make facemask wearing fun too?

Allow them to choose their colors and patterns and you may have an easier time getting them to wear the masks. If your child likes yellow, then so be it, a yellow mask it is. If they like certain cartoon characters, you can try finding masks that display those. One thing is certain, if your child wants to wear a blue mask with a superhero on it and they are stuck with a yellow flowery mask, it will not go over well. Get them involved by allowing them to make choices about the masks they wear and they are more likely to wear them.

Get Creative

You may not be able to find the perfect mask that your child will wear, but all hope is not lost. You can set up an art project where you get a plain mask and have your child color it in with their preferred colors, while you help with the character. You can even find small character iron-on patches to give it a more authentic look.

If your child’s preferences are a little more difficult to find, like a rare animal, that might make it impossible to find in stores. In this case, you can use customizable iron-on patches to draw your own animal or even print your child’s name on the mask to make it more personal.

Match Your Kids’ Preferences

When you can’t find the items you need, use what you have. By making yourself look like twinsies with your kids, they might think it’s a fun way to wear the mask.

Give your kids options and allow them the freedom to choose. Making it fun, without pressure, can make for a much easier time in getting your kids to want to wear a facemask and keep it on all day.